Tuesday 25 June 2013

No more scripts people, instead I write my history here.

My history for my grandchildren.

I was born in January 1952 in Marknesse Holland, the youngest daughter of five children.

My eldest brother, Jan, was born in December 1941. The second son Geert, in September 1946 and my sister, Harmina Marianne, in June 1948. My baby brother, Eize was born in May 1958.

My mother, Gerritje, was originally from Friesland and her surname was de Heij. My father, Teunis, came from Drente and his surname was Waninge.

Thus I was named Geertje Trijntje Waninge, named after my maternal grandmother and my father’s eldest sister.

My mother had little say in the naming of her children because my father, very much the boss in this household, was traditionally inclined. The eldest son, in this large family, was always named after the paternal father, the second son after the maternal father. The first daughter was always named after the paternal mother and the second, me, after the maternal mother. My youngest brother was named after my father’s only brother.

My father reluctantly conceded to my mother’s wishes. She so dearly wanted her first daughter to be named Marianne and so this became her middle name. I have numerous cousins named Harmina, Mientje or Miny and several cousins named Jan.

And you, my darling grandchildren, have loads of family in Holland.

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